Accendo Introduces its First Product: Soliciti®

Accendo Introduces its First Product: Soliciti®

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — July 17, 2017 — Accendo Software Corporation announced today that its inaugural product, Soliciti, will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2017. Soliciti is designed to detect website problems and defects.


Soliciti is a revolutionary software-service that constantly watches over a given website to measure its availability, security, performance, accessibility, and other metrics. Soliciti ensures that the end user’s online presence is professional, reachable, and fully-functional at all times across all browsers and devices.


Accendo Software Corporation is a privately-owned software company based in Hagerstown Maryland with customers and influence around the globe. Accendo is a “software factory” because it specializes in efficiently turning ideas into reality using the latest technology and techniques.


With Soliciti, Accendo will be presenting an affordable option for website owners to monitor their website’s status. This monitoring service automatically scans for defects night and day, a job that would otherwise require a dedicated team of developers or IT specialists.


“Online presence is becoming an integral component of marketing and sales for businesses,” Saiid Paryavi, Accendo’s CEO said.


“The best way to build the foundation for a strong online presence is to ensure website reliability by staying aware of everything that can happen to your business website.”


Customers will be able to subscribe to Solicti for a competitive monthly rate. While subscribed, users will have access to detailed reports of issues found on their website as well as real-time updates on their website’s health through email and text notifications.


“The typical small business owner doesn’t even know if their website is up-and-running at any given moment, much less how customers are interacting with it or being aware of other problems with their website” Dr. Paryavi said. “Ultimately, with the information that Soliciti provides, small business owners can make smart decisions about their online presence.”


The Internet is made up of devices communicating through packets of data over long distances, bounced from one server to another and translated into multiple languages. Along the way, hardware problems, bugs, and miscommunication can jeopardize a website’s online presence. With Soliciti’s regular scans, customers can keep their finger on the pulse of their website and be notified when many of the problems that could affect their website come up.


More than 90 percent of beta testers said that Soliciti is a fair or great value for its price and they all found its email alerts to be useful for managing their website. Eighty-five percent of testers would recommend Soliciti to a friend after trying the beta version.


For Accendo, Soliciti is the first step toward  a safer, more productive Internet. For website owners, Soliciti will be a crucial tool in maintaining a strong, reliable online presence.

Accendo Hires New Employees as Operations Grow

Accendo Hires New Employees as Operations Grow

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — January 4, 2017 — Accendo Software Corporation is hiring new employees as it prepares to launch its first product and expand operations. The company, based in Hagerstown, Maryland, is a “software factory” specializing in efficiently turning ideas into reality using the latest technology and techniques.


As Accendo continues to grow, it seeks a strong workforce to help it build the future. The software company is hiring software architects, software engineers, graphics designers, web developers, database experts, salespeople, marketing professionals, data scientists, IT architects, and IT engineers in order to accommodate Accendo’s enhanced capacity to deliver innovative software applications.


“I look for people who have the end goal in mind as much as I do, but who also want to enjoy their time getting to that goal,” Saiid Paryavi, Accendo’s CEO said. “We’re a close-knit team. We don’t just work together; we also play together trying to solve some of the most complex problems.”


Accendo strives to maintain an environment that fosters creativity and supports employee well-being. Employees are encouraged to take short breaks from the screen by participating in sports, playing board games, and eating lunch together as a team.


“We try to provide recreational facilities,” Dr. Paryavi said. “We don’t want employees to just work with their teammates; they have to have fun with their teammates.”


If you’re interested in joining the Accendo team, submit your resume and a cover letter to